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Parents/Guardians: Emergency Procedures


Procedures for picking up students from school after an emergency:

  1. Go to the REQUEST GATE (Ask a school official or look for a sign designating the site).
  2. Bring your I.D. and show it to the school official.  (Please note that we will only release students to authorized names on the official school emergency card.  If you have not turned in the student's emergency card with the name of the authorized relative or person who will be picking up the student, please do so as soon as possible).
  3. Student will be summoned from the emergency area where they are being protected by school staff.
  4. Go to the REUNION GATE (Ask a school official or look for a sign designating the site).
  5.  After the I.D. is cleared, student may then go home with the authorized parent, relative or designee.

Safety & Discipline Committee

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Discipline Plan

Guidelines for student interventions are provided for teachers, counselors, administrators and other staff.

Classroom Teacher

The role of the classroom teacher is to work together to create classroom behavior/rules and use progressive discipline for inappropriate behavior that would affect student learning.  Teachers are encouraged to meet, share concerns and assist each other with students who are misbehaving in their classes.


The Counselors are there to support the teachers.  The counselor takes a more in-depth look into the pupil's social, emotional and academic development.  If necessary, the counsleor will observe students in their classes and meet with individual teacher to discuss their observation and work out a plan to help the student achieve.


The role of the Dean is to assist and support teachers by handling behaviors that require disciplinary action.  The Assistant Principal will also monitor severe discipline cases and refer specific students to the Dean for investigation and solutions. The Assistant Principal and Dean may also observe student behavior in classes and meet with the teacher to help facilitate proper behavior.

Administrator (Asst. Principal or Principal)

The administrator's role is to support and assist counselors, the Dean and teachers in order to promote positive student behavior in order to improve student achievement.



Mr. Brian Sida- Chairperson

Mr. Dane Murphree

Ms. Karen Llewelyn

Ms. Deanna Poulsen

Ms. Florence Semerjian

Mr. Max Vento

Ms. Delmy Lagos

Ms. Kellie Robertson

Mr. John Franklin


Earthquake or Emergency Preparedness

Teachers: Discuss emergency plans with your students before a disaster occurs and designate students to assist with first aid and help take roll on the field.

  1. Each month, make sure you print out a 5 column roster for all your classes and have it handy in case of emergency.
  2. Take your roster, pen and Emergency Absence Report with you to the P.E. field and find your room no. printed on the asphalt.  Have your students line up on the grass.
  3. Take roll once you get your class onto the field.
  4. Complete the Emergency Absence Report and return to Mr. Sida in the Girl's P.E. Office. 
  5. Please stay in the area you are assigned to and do not let students visit other classes.
  6. *Put "ROOM IS CLEAR" sign on your door once the room has been completely evacuated.
  7. If you are assigned to a team, leave your class with a neighboring teacher, and report to your assigned duty.

*Teachers who have a conference period, Student Store Personnel, Cafeteria Personnel, and Staff without assignments, should report to the PE field and find Mr. Sida to receive assignments.